Bardo is a new restaurant in Minneapolis, with New American cuisine and a great lunch.

It is located just off West 46th Street, next to the Greystone Building, in the Warehouse District. You can choose from four different dishes for lunch. For example, the pan-seared chicken breast dish with roasted tomato ragout and wild mushrooms; or the grilled hanger steak with caramelized onions, roasted parsnips and arugula salad. Appetizers include crispy fried cauliflower with pickled red onion or chicken liver mousse with shaved radishes on toast.

The restaurant offers a great beer list and an affordable wine menu that includes many wines by the glass or bottle under $10.

Bardo will take you on a gastronomical adventure through the varied tastes and flavors of North America.

The restaurant specializes in New American cuisine which is a mixture of French, Italian and Latin American food. From their menu, you can find dishes like grilled rib eye steak and roasted chicken breast with pesto sauce.

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis that specializes in Thanksgiving dinner. They offer a variety of dishes to satisfy every taste. Bardo is run by husband and wife team, Ben and Nancy. They are dedicated to using locally sourced and organic produce as much as possible, so their menus change with the seasons.

The food includes New American cuisine with Italian influences, such as risotto, pasta and pizza. Lunch options include sandwiches and soups like winter squash soup or roasted tomato soup, all served with fresh bread from the bakery around the corner.

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis. They are known for bringing in fresh, local ingredients and transforming them into something beautiful and delicious.

The menu includes items like:

-Appetizers: Bardo sliders, fiddlehead ferns with heirloom tomatoes or fried chicken skins with dill mayo

-Salads: Blue cheese coleslaw, sweet corn and basil or cauliflower and green apple salad with apple vinaigrette

-Entrees: Pan roasted wild striped bass with cabbage slaw or hanger steak with tomato butter sauce

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis. It offers New American cuisine. The restaurant was named Best New Restaurant by Serious Eats in 2015 and the Chef of the Year at the James Beard Foundation Awards in 2018.

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis, with a delicious lunch.

It is the new American cuisine that attracts many people to come here. They have the barbecue, which are a little bit spicy, but are surprisingly tasty because of the smoky flavor. The lunch specials here can be enjoyed for about $12.

The first course is a soup of the day and also comes with an appetizer like their famous smoked trout dip or their smoked sablefish remoulade. The soup on this Friday was cauliflower and I found it to be perfect for this time of year, when cooler weather starts creeping in. The appetizer was chicken liver pate on toast points with apple butter sauce and it pleased me as well with its tangy and rich flavors.

For my main course I had the pulled pork sandwich on brioche bun with coleslaw and sweet potato fries on the side and I really enjoyed it! The pork was tender and juicy and was paired nicely with