Bardo is a restaurant located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It serves New American cuisine with homemade cocktails and homemade desserts.

The food is inspired by Italian and Latin American cooking, reflecting the diverse cultures of the Twin Cities region, as well as owner and chef Fabio Viviani’s own Italian heritage. Bardo’s menu changes daily depending on what’s available from local farms and producers.

The word bardo derives from Tibetan Buddhism which believes that after someone dies the soul enters a state of limbo called “bardo”. The fact that Bardo is in Minneapolis means it reflects today’s changing eating habits.

The restaurant is housed in an old brick building with a modern interior design to give off an authentic European vibe. The chefs welcome guests into the open kitchen for support or just to watch as they work their magic on some delicious dishes!

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis, MN. They specialize in New American cuisine, with everything from steak to vegan and vegetarian dishes. Our cocktails are handcrafted and prepared with creativity in mind.

Bardo is a trendy restaurant that specializes in New American cuisine and homemade cocktails located in the heart of Upper Northeast Minneapolis. Serving up scratch-made menu items like tacos, burgers, steak, salads and more! Bardo has been recognized as one of the top restaurants for brunch in Minneapolis for their Bloody Mary’s!

The Bardo is a restaurant and bar located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis.

The Bardo offers an intimate space with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The restaurant specializes in New American cuisine.

Bardo’s cocktail menu is full of creative, homemade offerings. They also offer beer, wine and craft cocktails that range from sweet to savory.

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis and is open for weekday lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch service.

The menu offers New American cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. Highlights on the menu include the handmade cocktails, smaller plates like the potstickers, and entrees like the steak and eggs.

Bardo is a restaurant in Minneapolis and offers a New American cuisine with some creativity on the side. They are known for their creative cocktails as well.

The bar staffs are happy to make you your own custom cocktail or stick with one of their house creations – all served up with a side of humor.

Located in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, Bardo is a restaurant with a New American cuisine, homemade cocktails, and creative decor.

The restaurant has a large variety of cocktails with liquor such as gin, whiskey and vodka. They also have a range of mixed drinks made up of fruit juice and other ingredients.

Some drinks on the menu include The Artichoke Casserole which has vodka, champagne, orange juice and cranberry juice with ice; the Dusty Rosemary Smash which has gin, lemonade and ginger syrup; and the winter cocktail called The Hot Toddy which has whiskey plus honey for sweetness.

Bardo is one-of-a-kind restaurant that offers such an enjoyable experience for everyone in your party from the food to the drinks to the environment.