Welcome to Bardo, where our unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship combine to provide you with a memorable drinking experience that will quench your thirst for artistry and adventure. Located in Minneapolis, Bardo is not only a renowned dining destination but also a haven for those seeking inventive, inspired cocktails crafted to elevate their palates.

At Bardo, our focus lies in bringing homemade magic to mixology, crafting extraordinary beverages using the freshest ingredients, infused spirits and handmade syrups. This approach ensures that every cocktail we serve is both imaginative and completely delectable.

So without further ado, let’s dive into just a few of the incredible artisanal homemade cocktails that you can experience right here at Bardo.

1. The Strawberry Basil Smash
A summer favorite for many in Minneapolis, this delightfully refreshing concoction features fresh strawberries muddled with fresh basil leaves, simple syrup and a shot of lemon juice. The addition of white rum provides a clean base that allows the flavors of strawberry and basil to shine through stunningly. Finally, soda water adds fizziness to create an exquisite libation that’s perfect for warm weather sipping.

2. The Roasted Pineapple Mezcalita
Pineapple lovers rejoice! This smoky-sweet twist on a classic margarita features housemade roasted pineapple syrup combined with mezcal, adding depth and complexity to this innovative creation. A squeeze of lime juice provides just the right amount of tangy freshness, while a salty chili rim rounds out this unforgettable tipple.

3. The Lavender Gin Fizz
Adding a fragrant floral twist to a beloved classic cocktail, our Lavender Gin Fizz showcases an intriguing blend of ingredients destined to tantalize the senses. Beginning with a gin base steeped in housemade lavender syrup, lemon juice lends brightness while egg white imparts silky smoothness. A vigorous shake yields a cloudlike texture finished off with a splash of soda water to create this effervescent delight.

4. The Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned
Whether it’s holding court as a nightcap or setting the scene for an intimate evening by the fire – our Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned has your back. Borrowing cues from tradition, we use maple syrup to enhance the warmth of bourbon whisky while imparting delectable sweetness. The addition of bitters ensures balance before being garnished with an orange peel twist for an elegant finish.

5. Spiced Pear Sour
Fall weather calls for something cozy and inviting – enter the Spiced Pear Sour. Vodka infused with spiced pear syrup forms the base for this concoction joined by lemon juice acting as an energetic counterpart. Offering intrigue beyond its initial presentation; it’s garnished with edible flowers that bloom upon contact with liquid – providing real-time visual interest when served table-side.

At Bardo, we pride ourselves on continually experimenting; creating new flavors and combinations that surprise even seasoned connoisseurs who believe they’ve tasted it all. So join us for your next night out and discover why self-expression and innovation make us one of Minneapolis’ most sought-after drinking destinations.

Ready for your next adventure? Browse through our carefully curated cocktail menu where you can explore everything from revisited classics to avant-garde creations relying heavily on locally sourced produce and house-made components reflecting Minneapolis itself – diverse, seasonal and ever-evolving.