BardoG Food Menu


In a Bun

fried chicken, BBQ, pickles  $10

duck sausage, fennel, orange, chevre  $10

lamb merguez, carrot, pickled corn, feta  $10

Chicago dog w/the fixins  $9

Coney dog, fried onions, Coney sauce  $9

Cincinnati dog (Coney w/ cheese) $9



cheddar grits  $7

aligot potato  $7

slaw  $7

house buttermilk bread  $7

hummus trio  $10


Bardo 'Hits'

chevre agnolotti, bacon, corn, beet  $14

duck breast, peach, crimini  $29

greens and cucumber salad  $10

shrimp and cheddar grits, andouille  $24

scallop crudo, chile, citrus, radish  $16

tilapia, northern beans, chimichurri  $14


We have a $20 minimum per person during live music (6–9 p.m. Thursday–Saturday)

Servers and musicians appreciate your gratuity

Please wear your mask when not at your table



222 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

612.886.8404 |

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